Wednesday, January 28, 2009

opposites - over and under weaving

this week we've been learning about OPPOSITES and today we emphasized "over and under".
we did a weaving activity which really worked on the student's small motor skills, and gave them a great sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT.
we discussed going "over" and "under" each piece as they went and they really had a great time with this. many students made 3 or 4 of these.
this is how i set the activity up

i absolutley love watching the children try so hard to make this work for THEM

many of them loved using the tape to help hold pieces in place and others just liked doing it FREESTYLE......

here is one of the students finished products, i think they turned out great and what hard work to get this OUTCOME for them!! remember, with preschool kids it's the process and not the product that matters. they just love to explore and figure how things work and the product doesn't exactly matter to them like it does to us.
allow them to explore but also be a guide for them. talk with them through it, figure out what they are thinking and try not to push them into what YOU want the outcome to be.
most of all.......HAVE FUN!!

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