Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Recipe Page

On this page you will find snacks and fun recipes that we make in preschool together. When we make snack as a class we do it during large group. This not only gives the children a chance to "cook" or make something new, but it also enchances math skills with measuring, estimating, etc. The children really enjoy stirring, pouring, smelling, and especially tasting!! Miss Chelsea also enjoys things like Playdough, slime, silly putty, etc. You'll find those type of recipes here also. Please check back here often to find new recipes that we've made or are going to make. Kids really enjoy making special treats at home with family, what a better way to do it then to connect it to their day!! ENJOY!!
Recipe For Learning

Take curious youngsters and fold in 1 cup of wonder. Blend well, until the youngsters are ready to explore. Stir in a pinch of imagination. Add a handful of experience and creativity. Blend in a dash of enthusiasm. Serve with 2 tablespoons of interest and sprinkle with fun!

Serving size: 1 classroom