Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friendship smoothies

We got to make Friendship Smoothies today which turned out soooo YUMMY!! The children always love it so much when we get to make our snack together in preschool.
This is just a basic smoothy recipe with a "tweek" in the name! You can use any basic ingredients such as, OJ concentrate, yogurt, bananas, ice, and milk. You can make these as extravagent or non as you would like (using different fruits, etc). We kept with the traditional style.
When we make large group snack we basically take turns measuring, counting, scooping, or pouring in the ingredients. We of course learn the basics of cooking also - wash hands, have an adult there, etc. This is a great way to enhance a variety of math skills as we do this all together. The children are always totally enthralled and they always thing THEIR ingredient is the BEST!
This was how our finished product looked. We have a basic rule in preschool that when we make snack together we all need to take ONE taste, if we don't like it after that one taste, we don't have to have anymore.
The children LOVE our little chant, "Try it, you might like it!" It usually NEVER fails that the kids will eat the whole thing after they've taken the first taste, even if they said they weren't going to like it!! What a great way to explore the different foods we eat and make sure we try new things!