Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fruit Kabobs

For snack today we had "Fruit Kabobs". What a better snack to have on "Fruit and Vegetable" day!!
We discussed the difference between fruit and vegetables (young kids have a difficult time distinguishing between the two). We also talked about how healthy it is for us!! The kids loved the idea of eating it WHENEVER they wanted. (I told them they had to make sure it was ok with mommy or daddy first). What is it with giving kids a little and they want it ALL!! They crack me up!
Here are some pictures of our awesome fruit kabobs!! They really enjoyed sticking these fruit pieces on a stick - oh the joy of simplicity of children!
This is the type of fruit we used for our kabobs!!

Yes, we talked about how POINTY these sticks are and that we have to be VERY careful when putting our kabobs together.....no accidents were had!!
Here is what some of the final kabobs looked like - they were so proud.
These were all eaten RIGHT up!!