Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Chow Time - finding foods in magazines

Our unit has been "It's Chow Time". We've been talking about the different food groups and "sometimes" food "all the time" food.
At our cut and color table we've had magazines out that the children have looked through to find the foods or food groups we've been learning about for the day.
They LOVE looking through all of the magazines and finding their favorite foods or even foods they don't like. I love to see their understanding bloom as they find a food and say....."Hey this is a GRAIN food" or "This goes in the MILK group!"
We can't forget to mention how great scissor cutting is for development. It's amazing to me how often I hear a parent say, "I didn't realize my child was old enough to use scissors." They definatley take practice, but it's such great small motor development!!! Writing comes much more naturally and easier to those who have worked their small motor skills!!