Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beading it Pretty

What a better way to develop small motor skills then beading!! I found these great beads at Hobby Lobby and thought they would go great with our Valentine's theme!!
Once I got them home I noticed that the holes were VERY tiny.
So I set out some larger beads for the students who don't quite have those motor skills developed well enough.
I'm sure that one of the worst feelings for a child is FRUSTRATION! I especially don't want any child to get frustrated when it comes to developing or why not help them out a bit.
The children LOVED the beads, and I was surprised at how many children tried it and worked REALLY hard to make these little beads work. What GREAT eye-hand-coordination!!
We also had some great math going on too.....check out the red/white pattern figured out all by herself!!
I'm a proud teacher!!