Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome to Miss Chelsea's Preschool Blog!!

So I figured what a great way to connect with parents and let you check things out on your own, when you want, without wasting paper (I like the idea of not as much copying!!) This blog is still in progress, so try and check back often. You will need to be sure and go to the "Blog Archive" to find everything you are looking for. I will not have new posts be the first ones listed. There will be lots of stuff to look at including "the song page", "the recipe page", lesson plans, and lots more. I'm really excited about this and I hope you are too. Feel free to comment or email me at anytime for concerns, likes, IDEAS, or anything you want!! I will still be sending home a basic monthly outline of the things that will be happening and of course newsletters, but I really do hope you will come here often and find out what your child is doing in will be a lot of fun!!

Thanks so much for your support,
Chelsea Adamson