Friday, March 12, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip

We were able to visit the fire station for our career week and we had a great time!! We got to look at all the different types of fire trucks. They had a REAL fire pole, we got to see how fast Fireman Matthew put his uniform/gear on, we got to climb through a fire truck, we got to try on his jacket, and we even got our own fire hats to take home. We had a great time!

Thank you Fire Station for having us, thank you Fireman Matthew for the tour, and thanks to all of my parent volunteers who helped drive and just came to help keep me sane - you guys are the best.


Ayn Colsh said...

Miss Chelsea, It looks like you had a lot of fun! The fire department is ALWAYS a favorite field trip! We've gone to two different ones (in different counties) this year. It was fun to compare the two!