Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letter Tiles

I had letter tiles set out today that the children worked with. They really enjoyed these and had fun matching the letters and spelling their own words. I love to watch literacy development!!

The letters on the mat are what I call "computer" letters. Then they get to match the tiles to the correct letter on the mat. It's important for children to know that letters can often look different, which is why I introduce "computer" letters (g, a, q, etc). Many kids might see these letters if they haven't been introduced to and have no idea what they are.
I also had the tile holders out so they could spell different words. I had a list of words set out on the table they could spell, but many just wanted to practice their names or family names or other words they like.
One boy said, "Miss Chelsea, how do you spell preparing taxes?" I couldn't help but chuckle......I guess we know what his parents must be doing - ha ha ha!!