Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painted Toast

We LOVE painted toast in preschool!! We read the book "Mouse Paint" and then enjoyed painting with the primary colors on our own pieces of toast!! This was a great way to end our day of our Sense of Sight!! If you haven't ever read "Mouse Paint", it's a must and a classic! The 3 mice get mixed up in paint and it shows in a fun way how the primary colors mix and can make new colors. The children were begging to read again after we were done.
So for painted toast, just toast your bread, get 3 bowls of milk and add your food coloring. Give each child a food paint brush, toast, a plate and let them enjoy painting their toast. Yes this sounds kind of disgusting, but seriously, it's a preschool favorite!!
You HAVE to try it!


Scott Wiley said...

We've done this and it's great. We painted the bread first and then toasted it in a toaster oven. One boy painted with great gusto but refused to eat his painted toast at first. He said, "I don't like to eat paint." After he knew it was milk, he had a great time eating.