Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preschooler, Preschooler, What Do you See?

For our Sense of Sight Day we like to make a class book. It's a spin off of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?" A great child's classic!! Brown Bear is such a great book to read because the children can help you read from just one reading. It's so repetitive and the pictures are so easy to follow!! What a great sense of accomplishment!
So anyway, I have the children think of something they see at school and draw a picture of it.
These are pages done from a previous year. You can write the words or type them. Then on the page before each drawing I put the words, "Preschooler, Preschooler, what do you see?" and their picture below it.
This becomes a book that is read OFTEN in our classroom. I also take the pages to a copy center and have a copy made for each child. This is great book to keep to remind them of preschool, their friends, and something they might have seen (or not seen) when they were young. So parents of kids in my classroom, you heard me right.....a copy of the book will be coming home to you shortly!!
Happy reading!!