Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Slime

We enjoy getting MESSY in preschool! This slime always seems to be a favorite and really brings the kids together playing and exploring. I figure it's a great way to build our friendships stronger and have fun with eachother. We also talk about opposites...to me slime is an opposite word for Valentines day because slime is yucky and gross and love and friends are fun and enjoyable! To make this stuff, just mix as much elmers glue as you are going to want slime and add your food coloring. Poor in some liquid starch until it's not sticky but slimy and stir it all together. FYI - I buy the gallons of elmers glue. You can get it from Lowes or Home Depot or I'm sure order it from a school catalog.


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

I LOVE that pink slime! How cool is that?

Ms. Jessi said...

Anything messy gets applause from me! :) We love this stuff in our class, too.

Kim said...

We make pink slime at our house, too. We make the version with borax in it. We also call it Gooey Geyser Goo (for a Dora reference). My son has a speech delay and the "g" sounds is one of the many he has trouble with. We play with our slime/goo at least 3 times a week. :-)