Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Colored Snow

Snow in the messy table today with bowls of colored water and eye droppers!! The children absolutley LOVED changing the snow colors. It was fun to see the primary colors make new colors. Since we have learned about colors earlier in the year, this was a great reminding concept for them. We talked more about snow today, how the clouds make it, where it comes from, etc. It is always so much fun to see how interested the kids are in snow and how it is made!!
Happy snow coloring!!


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Hi Chelsea,
This is such a great idea. You know, those really look like snow cones when they are all done:)

My 11 yr old niece and friends put colored water in spray bottles a couple of days ago and "spray painted" the snow out side (in my back yard). They made amazing colors and designs in the snow and in the end we called it snow graffiti.

razie said...

Love your idea for snow day.... but any suggestions for us lovely So. Cal teachers.

Chelsea said...

Razie, I hope you get this, I couldn't find a reply email address or website to go to for you.....To adapt this to non-snow climates - put ice in your food processor or blender and crush it. As you can see, it doesn't take much to enjoy mixing colors. You could even put it in a little dishwashing tub. I hope this helps!!

Michelle said...

In NC we hardly get any accumulation of snow, so I will try the food processor too!! I usually have to wait for that one day of snow and hope there will be enough to put in the sensory tub :)
I really love your blog, you have some great ideas!!

htebazile said...

what a fun idea! Im going to have to do this in my sensory table

BTW I just came across your blog and I think its great! tons of creative ideas!!