Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snowman Snack

What a better snack to eat with our "Brrr, It's Cold" unit then these cute litte snowmen!!
And, they couldn't get any easier!! I just barely saw this on someone's blog and I can't remember where I saw if it's yours please give me a shout out and I'll put your link on here!
All you need are some bananas, raisins (or mini chocolate chips), mandarin oranges (you could use apple wedges instead if you wanted), pretzel sticks, and a kabob stick.
I'm sure you could make this work with a variety of fruits and things. I'm sure you could use grated up carrots for the nose, a grape for the ball of a winter hat....etc. Get creative and let your kids get creative with these! That's the fun of it anyway - right?!!
Happy snowman making!!


eLza said...

I saw this snowman snack over at Chasing Cheerios, is that where you saw it too? I also often pick ideas from blogs but then don't remember which one!!