Monday, January 11, 2010

Melting Ice

This week we are learning all about Winter and how cold it is outside!! In the messy table today we had ice cubes (it would also be fun to use large blocks of ice) and turkey basters and eye droppers. We had a hot bowl of water also so the children could drip warm water onto the ice. Watch them as the ice begins to melt. What kinds of interesting shapes begin to form as the ice melts? Does "steam" rise from the ice as the water is poured over it? Encourage the children to touch the ice and put their fingers in the holes that are formed!!
Happy Ice Playing!


Anabelle said...

we're learning seasons at home this week also! and today i tried the polar bear ice water experiment. My daugher LOVED it! thank you! we also made ice cakes! :) (she just loves cake so i thought it was a fun way to experiment with ice)

MsJessi said...

We did an activity similar to this last week. I filled some plastic bowls with water and froze them over night. We also used colored water, hot and cold and also salt to see which one melted the fastest.
I love the ice cubes...I think I'll do that in my science table outside. (we are in a hot climate, so no snow for us)

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

All I can say is brrrr!