Thursday, February 21, 2008

Community Helpers Day 2

Post Office

Self Selected Activities (AM 9:00-9:45..PM 12:30-1:15)

* Cut and Color Table: MAIL CARRIER BAGS - Using brown paper grocery bags with the top couple of inches cut off and stapled to the bag to create the strap. The students can decorate these and write letters to family and friends to deliver themselves.

* Messy Table: SOAPY WATER - Water and lots of liquid dish soap will be added to the messy table today. Wire wisks, and non-electric hand beaters will be added to keep the soap bubbly in the water. Squirters and different containers will also be added to measure and enjoy. The teacher will have an electric beater on hand to help the bubbles stay put (teacher will be the only one to use the electrice beater).

* Creative Art: FINGER PAINTING - The students will use their fingers to paint with chocolate pudding today. Their taste buds, creativity and small motor skills will be developed as they take part in this activity.

* Dramatic Play: CONSTRUCTION SITE/TOOL BENCH - The dramatic play area will be set up to resemble a construction site and tools. The children can act out being builders, fixers, constructors, or whatever their mind brings them to. They will enhance their imaginations and social skills as they work and play together.

Snack (small groups come at different times to eat during Self-Selected Activities. Unless we are making our snack, then we will eat it during large group.) * Snack: PANCAKES - We'll make pancakes during large group for snack today. We'll discuss other words that start with Pp as we make and eat the pancakes and talk about and measure the indgredients in them.

Large Group (AM 9:50-10:15...PM 1:20-1:45)

* Large Group: We'll start with the song can as usual, then read "The Jolly Postman" discussing why postman are important and how they help our community. We'll practice the letter Pp and make our pancakes for snack.

* Transition: The teacher will give each child an envelope with their name on it and a special note inside telling each child something positive about themselves.

Outside Play (AM 10:15-10:25...PM 1:45-1:55)

Small Group (AM 10:30-11:00...PM 2:00-2:30)

* Small Group: We'll start small group by reading "The Post Office Book". Then we'll each write a letter or draw a picture and the teacher will write the letter for them to someone else in class. They will get to special deliver it to their special friend after they are done.