Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friendship and Valentines Day 3

Self Selected Activities (AM 9:00-9:45..PM 12:30-1:15) * Cut and Color Table: ORIGINAL VALENTINE'S DAY CARDS - The children will be able to cut hearts out of construction paper (teacher will teach them or their will be pre-traced hearts for them to cut around). They can decorate them with lace scraps, yarn, and glitter to make their very own Valentine's Day Cards for whomever they want. Pre-cut hearts will also be available for who have not yet mastered the skill of cutting.

* Messy Table: RED SHAVING CREAM - shaving cream will be placed in the messy table today with red food coloring mixed in it. The teacher will guide the children in writing or drawing messages to each other in the shaving cream. They will also just have fun smooshing, squishing, and spreading this stuff around!!

* Creative Art: VALENTINE'S DAY BOXES - The kids will get to decorate their valentines day boxes today!! There will be all sorts of material, lace, shapes, hearts, cotton balls, buttons, candy hearts, etc to choose from!! We will use these boxes on Thursday when we pass out our valentine's cards we have made for each other.

* Dramatic Play: MAILBOXES - There will be an individual mail box for each student with their name on it. The teacher will encourage students to make valentine's for each other, write letters, draw pictures etc and place them in each others boxes. There will paper, markers, envelopes, stencils, stickers, etc available for them to make letters right in the dramatic play area. It's so much fun to get things from others!!

Snack (small groups come at different times to eat during Self-Selected Activities. Unless we are making our snack, then we will eat it during large group.) * Snack: HEART-SHAPED LOVE SANDWICHES - We will be making love sandwiches today out of bread, strawberry jelly, and heart shaped cookie cutters. Kids love sandwiches when they are in different shapes - we LOVE preschool!! Large Group (AM 9:50-10:15...PM 1:20-1:45)

* Large Group: We will start with the song can. And we will learn our Cupid song today. We'll move into Share n' Teach which develops speaking skills, and being in a group. We'll read the story "The Night Before Valentine's Day" and discuss all of the fun things that happen around or on Valentine's day. What are some things we do for others, how do we show them we love them, etc. We'll learn the letter Oo today, practice the sound, the name and writing it. Last, we will get to make and eat our yummy snack (check out the recipe page for "Heart-Shaped Love Sandwiches).

* Transition: We will learn how to say "I Love You" in sign language. Outside Play (AM 10:15-10:25...PM 1:45-1:55) Small Group (AM 10:30-11:00...PM 2:00-2:30)

* Small Group: We will start small group by reading a Valentine's story or Love story. Discussing feelings, who we love, friends, etc. We will start our activity by sorting feelings. Pictures of happy and sad people will be cut out of magazines. On the outside of two boxes, there will be a happy face and a sad face. We take turns sorting the pictures into the correct boxes and discussing why the people might be happy or sad. Then we will play "Broken Hearts". I will have heart shapes cut out of red and pink and paper or tagboard. A numeral will be on one side and that number of heart stickers on the other side. The hearts will be cut in half like a puzzle, the children will have to match the puzzle pieces by counting.