Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello Families,
I thought I would put in some reminders so you all don't forget some happenings. I will also be sending home the reminders, so don't worry!!
*First of all, Thursday is Valentines Day, we will be passing out Valentines Cards to each other. I encourage that you only have your child sign his/her name, please don't write who they are to - this gets to be too difficult for the teacher. There are 10 students in the morning class and 11 students in the afternoon class.
*Also on Thursday February 14th, we will be having a Parent/child Valentine celebration the last 30 minutes of class. For the morning class 10:30-11:00 and the afternoon class 2:00-2:30. I encourage at least one parent to try and make it on this day. I also don't mind if younger siblings come, they usually enjoy it too!! We will be making a treat together, playing some games, and making a fun Valentine craft. I hope to see you there!
*On Thursday, February 21st, book orders are due. So if you are ordering any this time around, please have them into me on this day or before. I will send home a reminder note on Tuesday......HAPPY READING!!
*I hope you are all utilizing this website, I'm trying to stay on top of myself, I'll get there one day (maybe!). As always, feel free to call me, email me, or however you want to get a hold of me at anytime for questions, concerns, or anything. Thanks so much for being such great parents!! I couldn't do this preschool thing without you!!
"Keeping Superheroes in Check"
Television and movie themes feature many superheroes who are irresistable to children. In these stories there is a stark distinction between good and evil characters, and it seems that they always resort to fighting to settle problems.
Parents have to decide how to respond to this kind of programming. As you sort through your feelings, you should realize that children probably will invent good and evil characters, even without the influence of the Ninja Turtles or the Power Rangers. Remember, long before television, children played cops and robbers, Robin Hood and the sheriff, and the like.
The impact of superheroes depends a lot on how much time children spend watching television and videos. Viewing one half-hour program a week may have little effect on a child, but three hours is another matter. If you watch programs with your child and talk about the characters and their actions, you can help keep superhero tactics in perspective.
You also may find it helpful to read about peaceful real-life heroes like Martin Luther King Jr., Helen Keller, and Johnny Appleseed. Talk about their courage and determination and how they overcame obstacles without resorting to violence.
When children play superheroes, keep an eye on their play to make sure aggression does not get out of hand. Whatever your family decides about superhero play, you should communicate with your child how you feel about violence and how to stand up for your beliefs.
With careful adult guidance and lots of discussion, children can understand the difference between superhero fantasy battles against the bad guys and how we ordinary human beings deal with the evils we encounter in the real world.
Just so you as parents are aware, Miss Chelsea does not allow gun play or other weapon play in preschool. This helps me keep the classroom safe and allows the children to get more fully involved in the available activities.