Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gotta Be Me - Day 5


Morning Circle (AM 9:00-9:30..PM 12:30-1:00)

1. Song Can

2. Calendar

3. We'll learn about the letter Aa through song, movement, actions, and writing. We'll talk about words that begin with the letter Aa and more!!

4. We will have a variety of musical instruments to explore. We will take turns playing the instruments and compare the different sounds they make. We will discuss how we are able to hear the differences in sounds.

5. Story

Learning Centers (AM 9:30-10:15..PM 1:00-1:45)

* Creative Art: TAMBORINES - Today we'll make shaker Tamborines out of paper plates and beans. The children will get to decorate the plates with markers and stickers and the students will get to staple and stuff the plates with beans. What fun it will be to listen to the music they made all by themselves!!

* Messy Table: WATER JARS - In the messy table there will be glass jars, water, and spoons. The students will be able fill the jars up to different levels and listen to the different sounds they make. Teacher will guide them into making up their own songs and figuring out what sound they want to come out of the jar!

* Cut and Color Table: JINGLE BRACELETS - Pipe cleaners and jingle bells will be provided for the children to make their own bracelets. They'll be able to walk around and listen to their own new instruments.

* Dramatic Play: MUSICAL BAND - Different instruments will be avlailable to explore with in the dramatic play area. The children will be able to explore with these different instruments and listen to the different sounds they make. They can try making their own music like they are part of their very own band! Snack (small groups come at different times to eat during Self-Selected Activities. Unless we are making our snack, then we will eat it during small group.)

*SQUEEKY CHEESE - Today for snack we will enjoy the tasty and noisy experience of squeeky cheese. This cheese squeeks best when it is slightly warmed up in the microwave. The teacher will encourage the children to eat quietly and listen carefully for the squeeks while they chew!

Outside Play (AM 10:20-10:30..PM 1:50-2:00)

Closing Circle (AM 10:30-11:00..PM 2:00-2:30)

* Story - "The Listening Walk" by Paul Showers.

* We will go on our very own Listening Walk around the neighborhood. We'll discuss how we will just walk and listen as carefully as we can. If we hear something raise your hand and quietly tell the teacher what you heard. The teacher will write down everything that was heard. When we get back into the classroom, we will read and discuss all of the different sounds.

* Music and Movement - We'll play our homemade instruments to the beat of different songs we'll sing!

* We'll learn more about the letter Aa again today and discuss different words and things that start with that letter!