Friday, March 21, 2008

Discover and Learn News

I hope you all survived the week of no preschool, I'm really sorry about the inconvenience, but I do hope you are all ready to get going again, I know I am!! Can you believe we only have a few weeks left of preschool - about 12 to be exact!!
I've changed the scheduled units around a bit from the layout you all got at the beginning of the year.....I feel like this all rolls and fits together better. I do want to remind you that there will be no school on Thursday, April 10th because of Spring Break! I made sure this is lined up with the public school schedule so your kids can all be off together.
*March 11th - March 20th: "Spring and Easter"
*March 25th - April 3rd: "Nutrition and Manners"
*April 8th - April 17th: (remember no school on April 10th) "A Dinosaur Dynasty"
*April 22nd - May 1st: "Folktales"
*May 6th - May 15th: "Five Spectacular Stories"
*May 20 - 29th: "Beach Week" Our celebration water day will be the last day of school, Thursday, May 29th.
I do want to remind you that we'll be having our Family Preschool Party on Friday May 23rd. This is our Preschool graduation night where sisters, brothers, grandma's, grandpa's, and of course mom's and dad's are invited! There will be lots to do and of course an exciting night for your little graduating preschooler!! I'm also changing this day from what I have posted in the beginning of the year preschool packet since I have added another week onto preschool.
If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to contact me at anytime. I hope this last week didn't throw anyone off too bad, hopefully we can just slide right back into things. Thanks for all you do as parents and for our preschool!
*March 11th - Start our unit on "Spring and Easter". We'll start this unit talking and learning about sleepy animals that wake up in the springtime!! From bears to birds and the leaves budding open, we'll have too much fun. We'll be learning the letter Rr today.
*March 13th - Today we'll be talking about the changes in springtime and doing a lot of activities with mud! We'll have dirt cups for snack today - yummers!! Continue practicing the letter Rr.
*March 18th - "Easter" - We'll be discovering the colors of Easter and Spring, flowers, and best of all bunnies today! We'll get to eat yummy Bunny cookie treats and we'll get to learn the letter Ss today!
*March 20th - Today we'll have our own Easter celebration by dying Easter eggs, having an Easter Egg Hunt, and much more! We'll practice the letter Ss today.
*March 25th - Start our unit "Nutrition and Manners". We'll focus on Milk and Dairy today and introduce our friend 'Rude Rodney' to teach us about manners. We'll make ice cream for snack. Learn the letter Tt today.
*March 27th - We'll focus on fruits and Vegetables today making veggie people, fruit prints and eating fruits and veggies for snack. Practice the letter Tt.
*April 1st - Focus on Breads and Cereals today and don't forget about 'Rude Rodney' to help us remember how to use our manners. Learn the letter Uu.
*April 3rd - We'll learn about meat, eggs, and protein today. We'll have an omelett for snack and practice the letter Uu.
*April 10th -
No School on Thursday, April 10th because of Spring Break.
School will start back up again on Tuesday, April 15th.