Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring and Easter Song Page

"Here is a Bear Cave"
Here is a bear cave
(Hold hands so they look like a cave)
Shhh! They're asleep.
(Put finger to lips and say, "shh") Let's peek inside, but don't make a peep. (peek inside)
The bear cave is empty. The bears are awake.
(Open hands to reveal no bears)
Uh Oh! They're behind us.
(Look behind you and scream)
Quick! Run Away!
(quickly run away)
Tune: Row Row your boat
Dirt and water
Dirt and water
Make gross mud
Stinky mud.
Squished between my toes,
Hanging from my nose.
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck
Bluck! Bluck! Bluck
This Little Bunny
(adapted from This Little Piggy)
This little bunny hoed the garden.
This little bunny stayed home.
This little bunny ate carrots.
This little bunny had none.
And this little bunny went hop hop hop, all the way home.

Four Colored Easter Eggs

Four colored Easter eggs were sitting on a wall.

The first one said, "I hope I don't fall."

The second one spun around and around.

The third one prayed that he'd be found.

The fourth egg cracked and fell to the grass.

And along came the children with baskets at last.