Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring and Easter - Day 2

So Many Changes There are so many changes going on around us. The snow has melted and the ground is muddy. The buds on the trees are turning into leaves, and the cold air is becoming crisp and refreshing. We will celebrate the changes by experiencing them.

Self Selected Activities (AM 9:00-9:45..PM 12:30-1:15)

*Cut and Color Table: STRINGING MACARONI - The children will be able to dye and string their own rigatoni noodles into spring colors. We'll need zip lock baggies, food coloring, noodles, and yarn or thick string. The children will be able to shake their bags with noodles and food coloring until the color is evenly dispersed. We'll let the noodles quickly dry and then they can string them.

*Messy Table: DIRT AND WORMS - Spring is a time of year when the snow melts and their is dirt and mud everywhere, and of course the worms come out. What more fun would a tub full of dirt and real worms and spray bottles be? The students can make the dirt into mud and keep the worms wet and watch and feel them wiggle all about!

*Creative Art: PLAYING IN THE MUD - The children can put spoonfuls of red, green, and yellow paint onto the middle of their paper. The teacher will encourage them to use their fingers to smear the colors together. The paint will turn brown like mud! Cool!

*Dramatic Play: FISHING - The dramatic play area will be set up with fishing poles, and magnetic fish, life vests, hats, sunglasses, tackle boxes, canteens, etc. The children will be able to use their imaginations to go fishing in the springtime!! Social skills, and working together will be greatly enhanced at this area today.

Snack (small groups come at different times to eat during Self-Selected Activities. Unless we are making our snack, then we will eat it during large group.)

*Snack: DIRT CUPS - We will get to make our own dirt cups during large group today! Chocolate pudding, crushed graham crackers (or oreos), and gummy worms. Mud, glorious mud!

Large Group (AM 9:50-10:15...PM 1:20-1:45)

* Large Group: We will start large group by singing songs from the song can, bringing all the students together and settling down. We'll make our snack "Dirt Cups", and we'll eat them while Miss Chelsea reads the book "Diary of a Worm". We'll discuss all the fun and yucky aspects of mud and the wonderful changes of spring. Practice letter Rr, sound, name, and sign language. *Transition: We'll learn a new song "Mud"!! Check out the "Spring and Easter Song page to learn it!!"

Outside Play (AM 10:15-10:25...PM 1:45-1:55)
Small Group (AM 10:30-11:00...PM 2:00-2:30)

* Small Group: Read a book about spring as we predict, listen and relax. We'll make color stew! Look at the recipe pgae to find out how to make this fun experiment!