Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring and Easter - Day 1

Spring - Wake up Sleepy Animals Self Selected Activities (AM 9:00-9:45..PM 12:30-1:15)

*Cut and Color Table: NATURE RUBBINGS AND COLLAGES - Buds are beginning to sprout, grass is starting to show, signs of spring are everywhere. Many different objects will be available at the messy table to either make collages or rubbings. From leaves, grass, bark, flowers, the children can use their creativity to make the projects they decide. The teacher can show the children how to rub the objects to make cool effects!

*Messy Table: DIRT AND WORMS - Spring is a time of year when the snow melts and their is dirt and mud everywhere, and of course the worms come out. What more fun would a tub full of dirt and real worms and spray bottles be? The students can make the dirt into mud and keep the worms wet and watch and feel them wiggle all about!

*Creative Art: SHEDDING AND MOLTING - During the spring, other changes are taking place with the animals. they shed their old feathers and fur and grow new fur in preparation for the warmer weather and color changes in the environment. Birds molt, and bears shed. At the art table, glue, poster board, colorful feathers, and craft fur will be set out for the children to make a collage out of the fur and feathers. They can use markers and crayons to draw animals and then glue the fur and feathers in place. Or they can simply make interesting designs with the materials. The teacher will spend some time talking to them about the changes in the animals.

*Dramatic Play: FISHING - The dramatic play area will be set up with fishing poles, and magnetic fish, life vests, hats, sunglasses, tackle boxes, canteens, etc. The children will be able to use their imaginations to go fishing in the springtime!! Social skills, and working together will be greatly enhanced at this area today.

Snack (small groups come at different times to eat during Self-Selected Activities. Unless we are making our snack, then we will eat it during large group.) *Snack: RICE PUDDING - Today we'll have rice pudding for snack because we are learning the letter Rr. Miss Chelsea will have this pre-made since it takes quite awhile to bake. We will discuss the ingredients and what is in it as we eat it!! Large Group (AM 9:50-10:15...PM 1:20-1:45) * Large Group: ASHLEY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY! We will start large group by singing from the song can, bringing all the children together and settling down. We'll take turns doing Share n' Teach, enhancing speaking and group skills. We'll introduce the letter Rr, discussing the name, sound, and words that start with Rr. The children will practice writing their Rr's with guidance from the teacher. We'll read the book "Bear finds Spring" and we'll discuss all the different animals that might come out or are born in the spring time, what is your favorite spring animal. We'll go into a Finger-play called "Here is a Bear Cave". Check out the Spring and Easter song page to find this finger play. *Transition:We'll practice some yawning and stretching while listening to some slow sleepy music and the teacher will lead the children in the stretches. Outside Play (AM 10:15-10:25...PM 1:45-1:55)
Small Group (AM 10:30-11:00...PM 2:00-2:30)
* Small Group: We'll start with a book about spring and discuss as we go. We will then make some clay nests. In the spring, birds fly back to a warm climate and build their nests. The teacher will guide the students in forming the clay into small, round nests. Using their thumbs to make a hole and then pinching the sides to make the nest bigger. We'll also form little eggs to go in the nest. To get this clay recipe, check out the recipe page!! If there is time left over, we'll practice our letter Rr's on whiteboards.