Saturday, March 8, 2008

Preschool Cancellation

Brrrrrr! So I know I've contacted you all, but just so you are reminded and know what is going on, I thought I would post it. Our furnace has broken down or something and we are in the process of getting it fixed. So currently our house is at a freezing temperature of 44 degrees (definatley unlivable!) On top of that our fire alarms have kept going off, so we weren't sure what was happening, carbon monoxide, or what. We had the fire department come out to check our carbon monoxide levels and thank goodness we're safe!! They said it must be dust or something so to air blow them out. I'm sure this kind of explains the reasons why preschool is cancelled for this week (March 4th and 6th) - I do not want your little chil'ens freezing their tails off. Preschool will for sure start again on March 11, I'm sure our furnace will be fixed by then. Also, to make up for this cancelled week, I will be adding an extra week onto the end of May, so preschool won't end until May 29 instead of May 22. Hopefully this will work alright for all of you and I hope you all understand. Thanks for your concern and support!!