Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring and Easter - Day 4


Self Selected Activities (AM 9:00-9:45..PM 12:30-1:15)

*Cut and Color Table: PASTEL EGGS - There will be egg shapes cut out of white construction paper. The children will be able to use pastel chalks to decorate the eggs. They can use the chalks dry to make muted colors or dip the chalks in water for a more vibrant effect. Collage materials will also be provided for them to glue onto the egg. Shapes, confettie, sequins, glitter glue. etc.

*Messy Table: CLEAN MUD - We'll clean mud at the messy table today, the kids really enjoyed it! By combining 2 rolls of toilet paper (torn into pieces); 1 1/2 bars of ivory soap, shaved; and 2 quarts or warm water. After the kids have helped get all the ingredients ready, we'll knead it by hand until soft and gooey. We'll add more water if necessary. This is fun to squish and smoosh and play - but it's clean instead of dirty!

*Creative Art: DYEING EASTER EGGS - Hard boiled eggs, and food coloring mixed with vinegar will be set up at the art table today. The room will stink, but the eggs will be gorgeous! They can also use wax crayons to make interesting designs before they dip the eggs in color. We'll be able to use these eggs for our Easter egg hunt a little later!!

*Dramatic Play: BUNNY HOLES - The dramatic play area will be set up like a big giant bunny hole. When I was a little girl, I would pretend I was a bunny and make my bunny holes out of a rolled up blankets shaped into a circle....I would add pillows, blankets and books, and don't forget carrots! With the cute little bunnies hopping around all day, we can't leave out a place for them to live!!

*Snack: CARROTS AND RANCH - During Easter, you need to eat carrots! Hopefully we can try and balance out all that candy we'll be getting! The can even eat them in their bunny holes today!!
Large Group (AM 9:50-10:15...PM 1:20-1:45)

* Large Group: We will start large group by singing songs from the song can, bringing all the students together and settling down. We'll read a story about Easter eggs and discuss all the fun things that Easter brings! We'll practice the letter Ss and talk about words that start with Ss. The students will practice their Ss's on whiteboards today. Miss Chelsea will have hidden plastic Easter Eggs out in her back yard, we'll go on an Easter egg hunt and the children will also find the eggs they dyed in class today! In the end, we'll be sure and split all the eggs up evenly! Happy Easter!

Outside Play (AM 10:15-10:25...PM 1:45-1:55) - Our Easter egg hunt will be part of our outside time today.

*Transition: WIGGLY WOBBLY EGGS - We'll discuss the difference between hard boiled eggs and raw eggs - how they spin differently and look different on the inside. Each kid will get a chance to spin an egg and decide if it's raw or hard boiled and we'll sort them into 2 bowls. In the end, we'll crack 2 open and see the difference.

***A raw egg wiggles and wobbles when it spins. A hard boiled egg spins fast without wobbling.***

Small Group (AM 10:30-11:00...PM 2:00-2:30)

* Small Group: Read a book about Easter as we predict, listen and relax. We'll learn a fun rhyme - "Four Colored Easter Eggs". Check out the Spring and Easter Song Page to learn this rhyme. Then we'll play a game of "Easter Egg Concentration". I will fill about 10 plastic eggs with different candies. I'll put them in a frying pan and shake them around. Each child will choose two eggs. They'll open the eggs and show the group which candies they contain. They, put them back and let the next child choose two eggs. The object of the game is of course to remember which candies are in which eggs and find two that match. If a child finds a match, he gets to keep the candy. At the end of the game we'll make sure that everybody gets candy. This game is also fun to play with lower and capital case letters.